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1 Comment on ‘AnCap’ Councilman David Fanale Speaks Out Against Police Again – Discusses Upcoming Council Meeting

  1. I have read Fanale’s account and now I have heard this accounting. Some things that come to mind: This is the seminal moment of his life? getting a ticket? I got a ticket when I was 19, I learned a lesson and paid a fine. I havent thought about it in 30 years. Most people move on. Based on HIS account of the traffic stop, there is no alleged criminal conduct by the police officers that would necesitate an Internal Affairs investigation. THERE IS NO CRIME THAT HE IS ALLEGING. Police officers have the right to search the “lungible grabbable” areas of a vehicle during a stop. Especially given that Fanale states she was making furtive gestures in the front seat. He does not even state the officers used foul language. His allegations seem to point to a narcissitic paranoia where he is the model citizen who is above the law and the Police are lesser people who show see his brilliance. Personally, I don’t buy his story. I think he hated cops long before this inane car stop. Finally, if you took his statements and removed the word “police” or “police officers” and substituted “blacks” or”women” or “Gays”, would we stand still for this? Why then should we stand still for his bigoted comments against the police? His prejudices run deeper than we see.

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