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Unofficial Results for Sussex County – Steve Lonegan Took Lead Over Cory Booker

SUSSEX COUNTY – Although The Associated Press reported by 9:32 p.m. that Cory Booker, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, took the race before all the final numbers were tallied (and Sussex County numbers were not included on the roster until approximately 10:14 p.m.), the unofficial results reflect that Steve Lonegan, GOP Candidate for U.S. Senate, conquered Sussex County by a landslide.

The unofficial results show that Lonegan received 17,764 votes or 64.93 percent, versus Booker, with only 9,234 or 33.75 percent. Click here for full unofficial results from the Sussex County Clerk’s Office.

Click here for the precinct by precinct unofficial countywide report.


Editor’s Note: All election results are unofficial until certified by the county clerk. 

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