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2 Comments on Councilman David Fanale Not Planning Apology for Calvin Cartoon – Explains Position Against Law Enforcement

  1. I personally know David Finale and was blocked from his facebook page because of the following post:
    Ok I have kept my mouth shut long enough. I have tried to respect the fact that everyone has a right to their opinion. I have a so called “friend” on facebook that has gone too far with his opinion about law enforcement. Your posts are now disrespectful and distasteful. I have two brothers who are police officers and have risked their lives every day for your safety and the safety of others. Your posts rob the “good” police officers of there heroism and honor. For me to continue to allow your posts on my news feed is an insult to my brothers and all police officers. If you don’t have any thing nice to say…..SHUT YOUR IGNORANT MOUTH AND GET YOUR SORRY A** OUT THERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE INSTEAD OF HIDING BEHIND YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN SPREADING YOUR FILTHY DISRESPECTFUL “OPINIONS”! You know what they say opinions are like a**holes…..everyone has one and they stink. Did you really think you wouldn’t have to deal with the backlash of such ignorance……for such a “smart” man, using such “big” words……your really a stupid man!!!!

    You blocked me from facebook David Finale….. your a coward!!!! I was willing to go head to head with you. Who is the pu**Y now???? You and your band of circus performers (aka facebook) friends will have me at countering EVERY disrespectful post you put on facebook about law enforcement. And blocking me from facebook will not stop me from making sure your removed from your Council seat. Your a disgrace and a COWARD!!!!
    Game ON!!!!
    Donna Reisen

  2. I feel sorry for the residents of Franklin Boro. To have someone like Fanale represent them has to be a major embarrassment. For him to say that his beliefs and hatred for police does not influence his votes or action as a councilman is beyond belief. There is no way it can not, considering his total hatred for police. As far as saying that unless they are Franklin thhey have no say in the matter. They certainly do as he is making it a matter outside of Franklin Boro. I doubt if anyone in law enforcement is a friend of his. And based on his own comments, he could not meet the requirements to be a medic in NJ. He states they have a cake job and are over paid, but then states he made more money in the tree businees. The man is a totally out of control and now the Franklin Police have to wonder if he might try to shoot anyone of them because of his total hatred. Rember the two wackos in Vegas who did just that and they had the same beliefs as Fanale has made clear. There is no way he should be allowed to vote on any matter dealing with the Police.

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