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5 Comments on Franklin Borough Officials Not Changing Venue for Next Council Meeting

  1. Funny how one post on someone’s FB gets everyone crying the blues, an the Franklin detective that’s doing all the talking really doesn’t have room to talk about Franklin or police matters if you think about it. Why don’t people read up on what he did to this town an his fellow police officers a few years back, a lot of people would change their tones if they even knew the half of it..the man sued the town an ratted out the hole police department when he was let go, he got his job back with the clouse that he seek employment else where, but he’s still on the force . Maybe someone should write his actions in the paper to refresh people’s memory about what he did , I’m pretty sure his wife sued the town of Franklin when he was let go to, so in my opinion this man doesn’t have room to talk about what anyone say’s about the Franklin police department.. Let’s see a write up in the paper about his action’s, or is he untouchable because he’s got a badge an gun? …I’m sure many people would love to find the truth about all he did an why he’s still working in Franklin.

    • Sir…since I’ve seen you post about this particular topic in several places online, and now have brought this to my forum, I need to respond to you.

      First, “Funny how one post on someone’s FB gets everyone crying the blues…”

      OK…so, you’ve got a councilman who has a problem with a few police officers in another municipality, then lashes out at the entire profession (and especially his own department) and does so with a cartoon that desecrates the memories of deceased police officers. Do you support that kind of attack against police officers? Basically what you’re saying is it’s “funny” and secondly that it’s no big deal…how about for the police officers who he has called maggots, thugs, and pigs, over the last several months who were not involved in this incident? And now, their colleagues, and family members who have passed on, are attacked with this derogatory picture? Do you think it’s “funny” to someone who lost a loved one in 9/11 and sent a letter to your mayor, telling him how inappropriate this “post on someone’s FB” was?

      While you side with Mr. Fanale, and you rant about what you think is wrong with this particular police officer, wasn’t Mr. Fanale’s point for “good cops” to stand up to “warrior cops?”

      Though I only know some details about this case (all of the articles I’ve found are archived and need to be requested), the fact that he is still employed by the police department, close to a decade after his case occurred, that speaks volumes. That means, this officer was right in his allegations against his own department. Instead of lambasting him, you should be commending him for exposing wrongdoing. It seems like you have a problem with that though…

      I know personally that this is a fine officer that you’re bashing on my site, who has received awards, who is respected by the law enforcement community and beyond…including other members of the media who have commended him, one especially commending him for providing timely information to us while keeping the community in Franklin safe (and I would side with that member of the media). And I honestly would give him a similar review…

      I think you ought to do more research instead of rehashing the same old, same old…

  2. Carlos Spicyweiner // July 4, 2014 at 7:08 pm //

    Perhaps Danny Davis should be reminded …that he ALMOST got hit with terroristic threat charges last year by threatening a man and his kid for daring to run for council against Dave. Danny Boy, your just as bad as your friend David, except you never did anything…you only complain, and that is why you lost your job i hear.
    Maybe someone would speak to the “certified animal” expert and ask what town he works for, or how it’s legal to claim to be something he isn’t. Check his credentials on his emt, volunteer fireman, etc..
    check under all his names
    David M Fanale
    David Woods
    bet nothing comes up

    To the editor, maybe you might call some of the council and see if they have asked to have the meeting moved? i know of at least 2 that have asked…and at least 1 of them spoke to the “administrator” well before this article was put up.

    Finally for my Fanale, Danny, if you weren’t such a moron, you wouldn’t get pulled over…the speedlimit is 35 on corkhill right? not 55 like you like to drive. why is it you think that laws don’t apply to you? It’s funny, you are the same punk you were as a kid

    Oh and Jean, do yourself a favor, opra all the police reports around the day of the County Fire parade that was held in Hamburg in the past year or 3…there is a sccop there about another of Franklin’s council that you might find…

  3. First of all Dan Davis jr the article wasn’t about the detective. And by the way he is a hard working, decent, productive member of society. It is because of this detective and the rest of the Department that Franklin is safe to live in. Are you upset because he is taking all your buddies the drug dealers off the streets. Yes I guess that would upset you. The article was about not changing the venue and the fact that James Kilduff LIED in this article about being unaware of the potential large gathering for the meeting. Just what we need an administrator that lies. You WILL be held accountable for that. So Dan Davis Jr your buddy Fanale is on his way out and you won’t have a voice for your hatred of Police. But you will probably wind up behind bars soon so you will be history as well.

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