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3 Comments on On My Mind…Camp Sussex…An Opportunity to Beautify Being Protested By Group of Local Residents

  1. You hit the nail right on the head. I happen to live in proximity to the camp and have always regretted that it sits there vacant. I applaud the minds that can envision the potential of this incredibly beautiful site and pray that it becomes Vernon’s crowned jewel providing happy memories for generations to come.

    Sadly, obstructionists prey on the general public with fear mongering and it is usually effective enough to get a signature. Let’s hope the general population joins together to marginalize this small group!

  2. Question is do you have to buy it to clean it up? I think the volunteers who feel so strongly should have a clean up date and clean up the ground like the environmental group clean our streams and creeks etc. maybe the town can cut the grass and tear the buildings down and put a lean on the property. I don’t think the Town needs to own it to help our community.

    • Hi Pat, good question, and I can find out more information.

      As I see it (and I will find out more for you) in the other communities that I’ve reported stories on…there have been issues with responsibility of keeping abandoned properties clean, especially bank owned, and they’ve become hazardous. Additionally the case, with absentee landlords. And it’s really not appropriate for the town or the residents to be cleaning up a property that is not their own. That’s why I feel it’s best to go in the town’s hands as the most ideal candidate…and as pointed out, there are ways for the town to purchase it, and grants to offset the cost of even the open space funds (which are there for the town’s use, so why not use them?), that will not use taxpayer money. In the long run, we know that Vernon Township, like all the municipalities around, has the DPW’s, which do an exemplary job of maintaining parks around the communities…I think this will only better the community for this to be in the town’s hands…again, I will find out for you from someone who can tell you more.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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